Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School Students

Music lessons are a great method to promote creativity, coordination, discipline and abstract thinking. Making music engages more areas in the brain than any other activity known to neuroscience today.

For Pre-K trainees, we ask you to bring your child for a 30-minute Assessment Session with a qualified Early Childhood Instructor. The Assessment Session includes a 15- to 20-minute lesson with the kid and a 10- to 15-minute conference with the moms and dad or care taker. After the Assessment Session is complete, the instructor might recommend to either start with lessons right now or to wait a couple of months for additional cognitive development.

For School Age kids, taking music lessons will not only be a source for self expression and creativity however likewise for development of good self esteem and fine motor skills. Abstract thinking and issue fixing skills are part of every lesson, abilities that will be really beneficial throughout life.

Recitals, festivals, master classes and competitions become part of our training, providing incentives for daily practice. Having a piano (or electronic keyboard) or guitar is important given that daily practice is needed to preserve constant progress.

High School Students
Trainees thinking about a career in music can be coached and assisted by Dr. Tolosa who has comprehensive experience in college mentor, requirements for auditions and effective profession development. Please call or email to learn how to be accepted into the High School Program.

University student
College music majors must pass the Piano Proficiency Exam in order to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. This feared examination is among the main obstructions that university student discover in order to complete all requirements for graduation. Dr. Tolosa has actually taught at colleges and universities for 18 years and has prepared hundreds of trainees for the Piano Proficiency Exam. Dr. Tolosa has actually created a system that takes the tension out of this exam and he personally coaches students to succeed in this last action of their college career. Dr. Tolosa coaches in person or through online systems.