Pre-K, Elementary and Middle School Students

Music lessons are a great method to promote creativity, coordination, discipline and abstract thinking. Making music engages more areas in the brain than any other activity known to neuroscience today.

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Guitar Lessons for High School Students

Trainees thinking about a career in music can be coached and assisted by Dr. Tolosa who has comprehensive experience in college mentor, requirements for auditions and effective profession development. Please call or email to learn how to be accepted into the High School Program.

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University Student Guitar Lessons

College music majors must pass the Piano Proficiency Exam in order to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. This feared examination is among the main obstructions that university student discover in order to complete all requirements for graduation.

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While our Faculty Members have actually studied straight with such contemporary masters, our guitar teachers are-- in their own right-- accomplished show guitar players who combine their efficiency experience with an extensive present for teaching. They assist our students to reach their untapped potential and help each trainee produce his or her own special playing design through one-on-one private guitar guideline. Our trainers have forty years of combined experience and each professor has a minimum of 10 years of personal teaching experience.

Our intermediate-level classes and lessons will transform your musicianship, moving you to even higher levels of artistry. For those of you who have future expert objectives, your guitar lessons will teach you the best ways to organize your very own music, which will enhance your collection and will offer you important experience in music theory and composition.


Professional guitar lessons will help you accomplish the technical capability to perform music in your preferred designs, while developing confidence and enjoyment. Our unique mentor system will make the very first phases of discovering the instrument enjoyable and simple. Our guitar instructors combine conventional classical guitar approaches with Flamenco and Latin forms to assist you find out a strong technique. Building your method, in turn, will make playing your guitar definitely more satisfying. Guitar lessons will stop being a task, and become something you eagerly anticipate!

Music Enthusiasts:

Discover how to play the guitar as a relaxing pastime. Once you have a standard technical structure, you will develop your very own curriculum with your instructor's guidance. At Los Angeles Guitar Academy, you can have a completely individualized repertoire including only the pieces and styles that you desire to play.

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